Mob of the Dead – How to Build “Acid Gat Kit” [All Parts Locations]

In this video I will be showing you how to find all of the parts for and build the Acid Gat Kit which is an attachment for the BlunderGat in Mob of the Dead Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

There are three possible locations for the first part which is the briefcase, the first is through the library from the initial spawn location and then through the door marked C-D Street and on the table in front of you, the second location possibility is underneath the catwalk in the section marked with the ‘Michigan’ sign and the third location is in the corner by the red afterlife box which is closest to the showers.

For the second part there are also three possible locations which are all in the Warden’s Office, you will need to enter afterlife mode to open the door to the Warden’s Office, the first location is in the corner on the right of the window that you are facing when you walk into the office, the second location is to the left of where the random box first spawns and the third location is by the fireplace next to the Speed Cola machine.

For the third part there are once again three possible locations all in a similar area, to get there you need to go into the cafeteria then up the stairs into the infirmary, then the first location is in the bathroom in the far corner after the baths, the second location is just through the next door in the bathroom on the table next to the bath and the third location is in the corridor with all of the grey doors on the metal table in the corner.

Once you have all of the parts you can either run downstairs into the cafeteria to build it or you can build it at the workbench behind electric cherry, then all you need to do is get yourself a BlunderGat and go to the workbench where you assembled the Acid Gat Kit and add it to the gun. For even more zombie killing power you can pack a punch it for an absolutely insane gun even at high rounds!